Successful magazine publishers are branding their magazine titles with the rich capabilities of the web. Increasingly, magazine publishers are using the web to create online directories, merchandise their magazines, create new products, find new readers and act as an enabler for transactions between advertiser/advertiser and advertiser/user. These include web advertising and sponsorships, audio and video broadcasts, vertical search, podcasting, RSS feeds, white paper archives and other digital strategies. Industry studies continue to show that online advertising revenues will triple in the next several years.

Moreover, merger and acquisition studies show that magazine companies with a strong revenue-driven web strategy command more sales multiples (and more potential buyers) than publishers who do not have such a strategy in place.

Special Interest Media has expertise in creating and/or developing existing magazine/web strategies to help publishers gain a competitive advantage with the web. Attract more revenue and make your company stronger, faster and smarter on the web.
Exhaustively analyze your existing website(s).
Create and develop an integrated web strategy with your magazines.
Develop a successful advertising sales and marketing plan.
Train your editorial, circulation, sales and marketing staff on web strategies.
Establish web CRM models to build a closer relationship with your readers and advertisers.
Combine your backend systems.
Develop partnerships with affiliate web marketers.