Publishers often retain Special Interest Media to perform an organizational review and exhaustively assess the operational workflows, publishing strategy, and sales and marketing programs of their business. Organizational reviews examine a company's overall strategies, goals, efficiencies and performance. It analyzes all facets of its publishing model including senior-, middle management, and staff performance in advertising sales, circulation, editorial and production. And it measures each departmentís performance and efficiencies against current magazine industry practices and benchmarks.

In additional to studying and analyzing company reports and data, organizational reviews also include on-site discovery days interviewing executive and management staff, as well as editorial, circulation, ad sales, production, ancillary, IT personnel and any other staff/personnel senior management deems appropriate. At the conclusion of such a review, Special Interest Media prepares a very detailed summary report that identifies the companyís strengths and weakness and reports other findings. Additionally, the report also presents workable recommendations, action ideas and next steps for company improvement.