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"Ralph Monti has devised a fresh, new approach to an old, and now more complex problem--selling to a bigger, more competitive, more sophisticated market today. The old methods won't work, and Monti has good ideas how to change all that. It's energizing, encouraging stuff."
Writer's Digest
The Creative Sales Person: How to Develop Your Creativity Into an Effective Sales Tool is a groundbreaking book that addresses 21st century selling demands by learning how to think creatively. There's no question that in today's selling environment the competition is keener, the pace is more rapid and customers are better informed. That's why the salesperson who takes a creative approach to selling will have an advantage over the competition. The Creative Sales Person shows readers how to sell more by developing their innate creativity. They will learn:

Steps that will help them overcome their creative block.

What children can teach adults about developing their creative mind.

Why challenging the status quo can pay off big-time.

How to balance the brain's practical instincts with its creative sense.

The thinking characteristics of creative geniuses.

How to become the innovative sales guru at their company.

Readers will discover all this and more through this clear and invaluable guide. Going beyond the typical focus on sales tactics, this easy-to-read, accessible resource advocates a creative path to sales excellence.