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"Highly recommended not only for those looking for careers in the publishing industry, but also for startup publishing companies that need a clear-cut explanation of what a publisher, editor, copy editor, art director, etc. need to do."
Winner of a 2000 Benjamin Franklin Award for Career Writing

With this authoritative guide you will quickly learn the intricacies of the magazine publishing industry and get a detailed analysis of how the magazine business works — while exploring career opportunities in the field. Through incisive descriptions you'll learn about the central disciplines of magazine publishing — editorial, circulation, advertising, production — and how they all interact with each other. You will also learn about the history of magazines in the United States.

What are the associations, trade shows, business magazines and resource directories that serve the magazine publishing industry?

What colleges offer the best undergraduate, post-graduate and extension publishing programs?

What associations offer seminar and professional development programs?

Who are the top magazine consumer and business-to-business publishers to work for?

What is the salary potential in the various disciplines of magazine publishing?

Where are the "hidden" career publishing opportunities beyond magazine publishing?

What are the legal land mines in magazine publishing?

You will also find expert analysis on electronic publishing formats — the internet, CD-ROMs, audio and video — traditional magazine publishing companies are repurposing their content in. Included in the comprehensive electronic publishing chapter is a valuable resource directory listing trade shows, business magazines and URLs.

There's also a resource chapter listing personnel agencies catering to the magazine industry. Expert advice on resume design, interviewing techniques and time-proven strategies for landing a new job. And a comprehensive glossary of magazine publishing terms indexed by circulation, production, editorial and advertising. And for the aspiring magazine entrepreneur there is a sample magazine operating statement.

Everything you need to know about the magazine business to help you learn about a magazine career and be successful can be found in Career Opportunities in Magazine Publishing: The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding in the Business.

This book is a constant reference on the business of magazine publishing. Whether you are looking for your first job, changing a career or just breaking into the magazine publishing industry, you will refer to this book again and again.

Specifications: 218 pages