Special Interest Media offers several billing agreements, all designed to meet your specific needs.

Special Interest Media will create a written project proposal that includes an outline of the services and expertise it will deliver, including project milestones, deadline dates and a fee schedule. In the rare case when a project demands services that cannot be exactly forecasted, we will design a flexibly priced proposal. This type of agreement has provisions for upward and downward adjustments of the fee schedule.

Under this retainer agreement, Special Interest Media agrees to reserve a specified block of time per month dedicated to address a specific need or needs of your company. Depending on your needs, Special Interest Media will design a proposal for your company based on the time reserved per month you wish to use our services and expertise.

With a time-retainer agreement, Special Interest Media agrees to deliver a specific service to your company on a continuing basis. This may be in the form of delivering its services on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, based on your needs. Special Interest Media will create a proposal based on the frequency of your needs and the time required to deliver the appropriate service and expertise. Merger and acquisition services are structured on a retainer/transition fee basis.